Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel (2006)

One more "copied" post from my older blog. The link is new, though.

Rebel Meets Rebel are:

David Allen Coe - Vocals
Dimebag Darrel R.I.P.- Guitar
Vinnie Paul - Drums
Rex Brown - Bass

In other words it's PANTERA (minus Philip Anselmo) with long time outlaw country renegade David Allen Coe. Coe and Dimebag met in 1990 and apparently hit it off immediately. They vowed to record an album together. 9 years later they started work on Rebel Meets Rebel, when DAC is the lyric man, and Dimebag on the riffs. It was recorded in on-and-off sessions throughout the next 4 years (usualy during Anselmo's little "breaks" from Pantera. Until the final one, that is), and was delayed from release because of the tragic, stupid and utterly heart-breaking death of Dimebag during a Damageplan show in Ohio in 2004. Produced by Vinnie Paul, this album is a Hard Rock, Country & Blues mixture, played with freedom and looseness that are usualy unavailable on Pantera records. An unbelievable little piece of Rock N Roll history. Get it NOW!



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