Thursday, February 15, 2007

George Clinton - Hey Man... Smell My Finger (1993)

Yes, a disgusting title, I know. Nevertheless, this album is off the hook. In case you don't remember, this was the era when Dr. Dre-produced-Clinton-samples filled the airwaves and charts all over the world... And sho' nuff, Mr. President (of tha Funk) not only takes advantage of that, he also invites those dudes he's made so rich, Dre and Ice Cube, plus other cats , like Flea of RHCP and Herbie Hancock. That, of course, is without counting the obvious P-Funk Allstars Bernie Worrell, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley and the mighty, tighty, the exact opposite of whitey, Mr. Bootsy Collins. Prince is the executive producer for this Paisley Park release, and even though this was the one year Prince has released his greatest masterpiece to date (the Love Symbol Album), the song here featuring Prince is oddly the downfall of this album...

Not a lot of short songs, for all you punk rockers, mostly 7 minutes tracks, but almost every one of them is pure 90's gold.




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