Thursday, December 28, 2006


Anthony "CIV" Civocelli, formerly singer for the Gorilla Biscuits, in his post-biscuit band, named after himself... Although there was only one man in this band that wasn't a member of the Gorilla Biscuits at some point... The first album, Set Your Goals, is positive, happy, hard rockin' and many times swingin' Punk Rock n Roll. You might even recall the video for "Can't Wait One Minute More". The second album, Thirteen Day Getaway, is a huge disappointment for many fans. You can really hear the lack of passion in this cheezy pop-punk record from the first chord... Only some of the songs are OK. I guess that's what happens when you sign a NY Hardcore pioneer to Atlantic.

1995 - Set Your Goals

1998 - Thirteen Day Getaway



At 12:29 PM, Blogger ninjapus said...

I doubt anyone cares, but the file for "Everyday" on "13 Day Getaway" is screwed up - depending on what you listen to it on, there's either a big gap or a big jump about 17 seconds in.


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