Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dog Eat Dog - All Boro Kings (1994)

I first heard this album when I was a little kid, and the only rock music I knew about was Metallica, GNR, Faith No More & Nirvana. There was a local high school band in my hometown that called themselves "Mad Dog". They did really nothing but Dog Eat Dog covers. Eventually, some of them became parts of some kickass Israeli bands like DxPxAx, Useless ID and The Hoodska Explosive... but anyway, I went with my older sister to one of their shows and the next day I got myself a cassette of this album. This is probably the first thing I've ever heard that's anywhere around hardcore music.
So big up to the members of Mad Dog, big up to my sis, and big up to the members of Dog Eat Dog who left the band before they got really gay.

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