Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Body Count, Body Mothafuckin' Count!!!

"Here come them fuckin' niggas with their fancy cars.
Who gave them fuckin' niggas those rock guitars?

Who let 'em in the club? Did you make 'em pay?

Who let 'em on the stage? Whose lettin' 'em play?
Don't they know rock's just for whites? Don't they know the rules?
Those niggers are too hard core. This shit ain't cool.

Those blacks want everything in the fuckin' world

That nigga plays so good he took my muthafuckin' girl

There goes the neighborhood..."

1992 - Body Count

1994 - Born Dead

1997 - Violent Demise: The Last Days

2005 - Live In LA (Audio Rip)

2006 - Murder 4 Hire

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