Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Alkaline Trio

Their songwriting tends to remind me of Elvis Costello's, Phil Spektor's and even Bob Dylan's, at times. Their lyrics are probably the most honest, real and powerful observations of an ordinary Joe's "feelings" in the Punk-Rock-sphere, thanks to a simple and very direct language, accompanied by three or four chords per song. They may wear make up, but then again, so does KISS. This is some of the best Rock N Roll music I know. Even BETTER than KISS.

"I rejected the faith in your holy race is what it comes down to,

you said everything would work out just fine I just went crazy,
I’m better now having a good time
being selfish, drunk, vulgar and lazy"

1998 - Goddamnit

2000 - Maybe I'll Catch Fire

2000 - Alkaline Trio

2001 - From Here to Infirmary

2003 - Good Mourning

2005 - Crimson

2007 - Remains



At 7:58 AM, Blogger Jake said...

The Suburb Himself comes through again, smashing bottles and Top Friends lists worldwide on the way to blog stardom.


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