Monday, January 01, 2007

Rick James - Street Songs (1981)

Since (the brilliant) "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" sketch on Chappelle's show, people kinda tend to forget some stuff about this guy, like the fact that he was one talented motherfucker. This album is a must if you want to know ANYTHING about Funk, or like Rick liked to call it "Punk Funk". It is one of the most sampled albums in history... Some say it's a concept album about street life, ghettos and prostitution. I just think this guy was WAY into pussy. But don't sell him short! This guy almost single handedly saved Motown! This guy produced the Temptations! This guy wrote Super Freak, Cold Blooded, Mary Jane, Ghetto Life, and even Eddie Murphy's Party All the Time!!! And thanks to Wikipedia, I can give you a full list of the drugs that were in this guy's body when he was found dead in 2004:
Xanax, Valium, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Vicodin, Chlorpheniramine,
Methamphetamine and some Cocaine.
Now I don't know about "Punk Funk"... looks like Punk Rock to me.
Besides, he's Rick James...

Bitch (Oh, like you didn't see that coming).



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